Challenge Explanation

RULES..... there are NO RULES!!! Just this explanation of the challenge.
A list of words for you to take the 'possibles' to extremes can be found on the 'EXPAND THE POSSIBLES: WORDS' page on this blog.

Each word has the dictionary meaning. That word and its meaning will take you off into your imagination.

You choose a word from 'EXPAND THE POSSIBLES: WORDS' page and make a piece of art.
THERE WILL BE NO IMAGE EXAMPLE FOR A WORD. ... but you will see MY ART interpritation of a word.

You then post it on your blog
Add a comment with a link to your blog onto "Expand the Possibles" blog site

There is no time limit for this challenge.
You can take any word at any time and work with it. Post it when you are done.

There are no rules, no right or wrong way of doing the challenge

There is just the freedom to create art with an obscure word that you would have to think about. I would like you to consider a deeper, emotional side to the design element.

Words have been chosen at random from the Oxford English Dictionary.
Some words are very vague but they will all have the dictionary description to help you with your "Possible" art work.
All mediums are welcome.
I do hope that you will join me in this challenge


  1. I like this "possibility!

  2. Hi! I like your challenge blog but I'm just not sure where to post a link. Is it here or at the end of the words list or beneath your posts?